What are the Benefits of Dyno testing?

WP_20140910_006In the oilfields, there is a lot going on beneath the surface. Having a dynamometer survey for every well in an entire area or field, or “Sweep”, can be invaluable. I just wanted to touch on a few things that can help any oil operator after sweeping a field besides pump efficiency.

Improving these things can help gain production.

  • Mechanical Problems
  • Wells with Fluid over Pump with Pump Slippage
  • Wells with Fluid over Pump and No Pump Slippage
  • Wells with No Pump Slippage, No Fluid over Pump and Low Fillage

Here are some ways to reduce lifting and operating costs.

  • Perforation cleaning instead of replacing pumps
  • Downsizing units to decrease power consumption

With this information, engineers and field personnel can make confident decisions that are based on actual well conditions.

The low-cost dynamometer gives operators the ability to find wells with the greatest potential for production gains and lowering operating costs.