On this day – September 30, 1976


On this day, September 30, 1976: The Denesha brothers (later known as Anatesco Inc.) performed their first dynamometer test on a Petro-Lewis well in Kern Front Field in Kern County, California using an analog Delta-x XY plotter. Generating the report took one week using an Olivetti typewriter – keep in mind that this was in the year 1976, 4 years before the PC was invented. In return, Petro-Lewis paid Anatesco a handsome sum of $275 cash for their hard work. As a result, Petro-Lewis politely declined further analytical services from the Denesha Brothers. However, this wasn’t the end of the story.  First well test by Denesha Brothers/Anatesco 1976

Fortunately, the Denesha brothers were able to take this failed experiment and learned from the experience (mostly what NOT to do) and created a more relevant report system to use for Gulf Oil in Oak Canyon near Magic Mountain in California. This report only took 2 days to generate and was ultimately better received by the client. The report contents included pump displacement and pump condition on a 7,000 foot well, which provided vital information for the client and resulted in additional work for Gulf Oil. The Anatesco brothers were contracted to test the remaining wells in the Gulf Oil field and thus started their progression as Anatesco Inc.  

Since 1976, the team at Anatesco has tested every Gulf Oil well from the LA Basin (including offshore) to Coalinga, providing more refined reports over the years. These reports include rod stress analysis, pump condition, gear box torque, fluid levels, pump fill and slip, tubing and casing pressure, flowline temperature, power consumption and more.  First digital system 1981

The purpose of Anatesco’s work as an oil service company is simply to help oil producers increase production and lower lifting costs using these innovative well analysis techniques and systems they developed over the years. 

Working closely with their clients was key to helping oil producers end the cycle of trial and error and guesstimating regarding operating decisions because most of the innovation did not come from Anatesco: it came from their clients themselves. As they voiced their desires and ideas, Anatesco took their wishes as a challenge they took on happily and seriously. 

So we owe a great deal of thanks to our clients. They have been the real reason we have been able to progress over the last 45 years, not only because of their generous support but also because of their continuous flow of great ideas!

If you have a flow of wishes or desires of your own easily fulfilled, feel free to contact Doug at (661) 332-7271 or Jeremy at (661) 399-6990 to see what Anatesco can do for you and your company!